Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-19

Attacking Confession Down Under
A state in Australia is pushing the police-state mentality as it considers forcing priests to violate the seal of confession.

Mandate Case Cut Down
A federal judge is dismissing a lawsuit filed against the HHS contraception mandate by seven state Attorney Generals earlier this year. 

Bemoaning Abortion Blood Money

Planned Parenthood is on the offensive again this time suing the state of Arizona to strike down recently passed legislation that blocks abortion clinics from receiving taxpayer dollars.

Quieting the Cardinal
A cardinal’s call for a vote of the people is being rejected by the Scottish government as the country leans closer to legalizing same sex marriage.  

Nobility Lives in Liechtenstein
The ruling Prince of the little country is being affirmed in his pro-life stances after putting his Crown on the line to protect the unborn against the evils of abortion. 

Sassy Sister Dissenter
One of America's top nuns is taking to the radio waves challenging recent reprimands from the Vatican against her organization of religious sisters. 

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