Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-05

Conservatives Champing at the Bit
Conservative anger seems to have hit a fever pitch since last week's Obamacare ruling which found the law constitutional.

Planned Parenthood Denied

In a midnight vote North Carolina legislature has blocked hundreds of thousands of dollars to America’s number one abortion provider. 

Fighting for True Marriage
One of two initiatives seeking to preserve true marriage in Washington State is tasting defeat after not getting enough signatures for a vote in November.  

Big Apple Abortion in Court
An abortion chamber in the Bronx of New York City is being formally charged after illegally dumping medical records and aborted baby remains on their front sidewalk.

Communist Church Defiance   
China is threatening to worsen its relations with The Vatican by carrying out plans to ordain a government approved candidate to the priesthood.

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