Monday, July 30, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-30

Contraception Mandate Stopped Cold
A Catholic family told by Obama’s Department of Justice to lose their religion or their business has been granted an injunction putting Obama’s contraception mandate on hold. 

Liberal Olympic Opening

The Summer Olympics officially began Friday in London with its opening ceremony but the production is being criticized for celebrating many leftist causes.

Italian Bishop Convicted
An Italian Archbishop has been found guilty of fraud and is the first Archbishop in the country to be convicted of this crime by public authorities. 

Confronting Communist Ordination
Priests are being punished in China for fighting state-controlled Catholicism as they oppose the invalid episcopal ordination of Father Joseph Yue Fusheng as a bishop.

Petitioning Bishops to Teach
U.S. Bishops have failed to teach Catholics about the evils of contraception over the past fifty years but a new petition is searching for one million signatures to inspire them to begin.

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