Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-11

Episcopalian Decadence
The Episcopalian denomination in the United States is approving the ordination of “transgender” individuals and what they call blessings for homosexual couples.

Egyptian Christian Camaraderie
Fear of oppression and even death is causing Christians in Egypt to form an interdenominational council with the intent of defending their freedoms with one voice.

Blood Bank Activism
The Red Cross is running low on blood this summer prompting homosexual activists to aggressively push to be allowed to give blood.

Switzerland Does Away With the Elderly
The Practice of Euthanasia has exploded by 60 percent in Switzerland over the past five years.

Jesuits Bonding with Abortion
A Jesuit college is opening Catholic students up for corruption joining itself with a hospital that lost its Catholic status because of an abortion scandal. 

Fraud Factory
Planned Parenthood is once again being sued by one of its former employees who is blowing the whistle on fraudulent activities. 

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