Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-31

Pushing Propaganda in Church 
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has been busy spending money on community organizing groups that garnered support for Obamacare and the HHS contraception mandate.
Supreme Personhood Appeal
One pro-life group is fighting to establish legal rights for the unborn in the Sooner state and they're taking the battle to the highest court in the land.

Pro-Life Laws Threatened
An influential pro-death CEO for Ireland’s version of Planned Parenthood has just been appointed Ireland’s new Director General of Health Service.

Prayer Versus Death Dealers
Pro-Death Marie Stopes International is out for blood threatening a lawsuit over a daily prayer vigil conducted by Britain's most prominent pro-life pregnancy counseling centre.

Rainbow Party Platform
It is will soon be confirmed party-line policy for the Democratic National Convention to oppose traditional marriage in favor of the homosexual activist agenda. 

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