Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-25

The Slaughter of Innocence
While national attention is focused on the recent movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado another larger massacre goes virtually unnoticed.

Abuse Crackdown Continues
Sex abuse investigators in Philadelphia are sentencing one Monsignor and re-opening two more investigations into allegations of a priest and a bishop’s former actions. 

Same Sex Skirmishes
A bishop known for fighting same sex marriage is being placed in one of Scotland’s largest cities while homosexual activists trample a fast food chain in America that is standing up for true marriage.   

Islamic Stranglehold Tightens
Islamic governments are upping the ante this time by allowing girls as young as nine to marry while also crucifying anyone who renounces their Muslim faith. 

Population Policy Going Global
China’s brutal one-child population policy is facing criticism and so are mothers of big families in the United Kingdom.

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