Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-12

Upping the Contraception Ante
Billions of dollars are being thrown into a pot meant to push a global contraception agenda at London’s so-called Family Planning Summit this week.

Conscience Liberation Legislation
Two House representatives are introducing a bill that would ban Obamacare from being able to penalize religious employers for not providing contraception.    

Marriage election shift
Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in General Election polls by a thin margin but some of the latest information says marriage is drawing some well-defined lines in the Presidential race.

Vatican-china war wages on

A Chinese Bishop ordained without Vatican approval to the Communist Chinese “official” Catholic Church has been formally excommunicated by the Vatican. 

Abortion Blood Money
China is paying out restitution money to a woman who was beaten by family planning by family planning officials and forced into a late-term abortion. 

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