Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 07-10

Nigerian Genocide
58 people are dead and many more injured after Muslims in central Nigeria viciously  attacked unarmed Christians over the weekend.  
ABC News

Rebel Priests Grounded
A group of dissident Austrian priests calling for changes to Church teaching are being barred by their Cardinal from traveling to promote their cause.

Arizona Human Rights Violation
An Arizona pastor is serving 60 days in jail for hosting a bible study in his home.
Michael Salman's interview: 

Liberal Straight and Presbyterian
The nation's largest Presbyterian denomination and one of the most liberal is shutting the door on same-sex marriage ceremonies in their churches.

Tomkat’s Trend
Divorce rates are three times higher for couples who have conflicting religious beliefs says one survey highlighted recently by one of Hollywood’s most recent divorces . 
USA Today

Repugnant Planned Parenthood
America’s abortion Giant is under investigation across America for financial fraud taking out its frustrations on the women it claims to serve. 

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