Friday, August 17, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 08-17

Abortion Relief Services
It looks like Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is has more pro-death activism up their sleeve after it has been revealed they are also giving significant resources to promoting abortion in Cambodia.

Dot-Catholic Controversy
The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to block the Vatican from claiming the web domain “dot-Catholic” as its own.
UK Nurse Settles Case
A Catholic nurse in England who was fired for sharing her views on abortion is settling out of court with the National Health Service.

Demanding Godless Schools
An atheist group is threatening to sue a New York school district for not removing songs from its music classes with "Lord" or "God" in them but the district isn't budging.

Switching Sides
A former Democratic congressman from Alabama and one-time Obama enthusiast is now campaign for Mitt Romney.

The Politics of Homosexuality
A major donor Republican Party supporter is launching a political action committee in an effort to push candidates into supporting gay marriage.

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