Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 08-07

Germany’s Easy Death
Euthanasia has been legalized by Germany’s Supreme Court after a lawyer was acquitted from charges of advising woman to cut off her mother’s feeding tube. 

Gone to the Dogs  
A German Shepherd was given Holy Communion at a Mass in South Yarra, Australia on Sunday. 

Christians Reconsider Contraception
One major Evangelical magazine in the U.S. is thinking twice about the practice of contraception.

Persecuting Parental Prerogatives   
A California senator is viciously attacking parental rights…and parents could very soon be stripped out of their right to help their children with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Pastor Preaches In Jail
A Phoenix pastor who is serving a 60-day sentence in Maricopa County's notorious Tent City jail is now sharing the gospel with his fellow inmates by holding a Bible study.

Fire-Tested Olympians
Some Olympic athletes are making no secret of turning to God in their quest for gold and others have plans that stretch further down the road than the Olympic arena. 

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