Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 08-02

Catholic Business Obamanation
Obama’s HHS mandate has taken effect this week on August first forcing Catholic employers to fight against including contraception, abortion and sterilization in their healthcare plans.

Enemy At the Table
The President of the U.S. Bishops conference is allowing Barack Obama to speak at the Al Smith fundraising dinner for New York Catholic Charities.

Combative Cleric
The city of San Francisco has a new archbishop an active defender of Church teachings whose main concern is that the Country is rolling downhill.  

"Brothers" No Longer
In hopes of an Obama defeat in November three black pastors are launching an anti-obama campaign over the president's recent and very public support of homosexual marriage.
The Blaze

Marriage Principles Pay Off
Loyalty to True Marriage in the face of public controversy can be rewarding exemplified by a couple of American business owners in the news today. 

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