Monday, August 6, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 08-06

Contraception Conspiracy
The Philippines is suffering pressures from the outside as the country’s government prepares to vote on the legislation that could legalize contraception, sterilization, and sex education programs across the country.

Resisting Reform
All eyes are on an organization claiming to be the governing body of all nuns in America but they appear unwilling to submit to legitimate authority.   

The Kiss of Intolerance
The kiss-in effort by homosexual activists aimed at Chick-Fil-A over the weekend crashed in what the is calling a “excuse for rampant disarray”.

Election Update
As the HHS mandate goes into effect Catholic voters don’t see Obama’s unjust HHS mandate as a serious voting issue according to a study released last week.

Portland Diocese Not Guilty
A judge in Maine is rendering a not guilty verdict to the diocese of Portland and its Bishop after the episcopate was accused of covering up information about a priest's alleged sexual misconduct.

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