Friday, June 22, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 06-22

A chip of the old block
Illinois prosecutors are refusing to defend a state law the state's ban on same sex marriage much like their favorite son Barack Obama has done on a federal level.

Sins vs. Skins
Southern Baptists are taking a stand against gay marriage and calling out homosexual activists for playing the race card.

Racin' for the 'HOOd'!!
Komen For the Cure’s scandalous clash with Planned Parenthood earlier this year is costing it more than half of its benefactors if attendance to its St. Louis 'race for the cure event' is any indication.
The Blaze

Obamacare Headed For the Ditch, Legal Experts Say
Yahoo News

Spreading Sodom and Gomorrah

The homosexual agenda continues to be forced on smaller countries by the gay powers that be but not everyone is accepting it.

Radical Christians

A democratic congressman is likening Christians to Islamic terrorists  

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