Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 06-21

Euthanization Nation
Shocking information has recently come to light from the top doctor in the United Kingdom.

Slaughtering India’s Daughters
Parents in India are passing on illegal sex selective abortion in favor of killing their unwanted infant daughters through starvation and other gruesome methods.

A Lesbian charge on DOMA
A Lesbian is suing the Catholic Hospital in New York employing her after the hospital refused to give her partner health benefits.

Election Bump

Republican Florida senator Marco Rubio is putting the same sex marriage debate into the hands of society saying there is no right or wrong on the issue.

Never Asked Never Told
With a government declared “Gay Pride Month” coming to a close what is not commonly known is how serious the problem of homosexual rape is in the military actually is.  

Cutting Class
Current events impacting school classrooms around the country are pointing to some absurd practices in public education and some even discriminatory. 

Unclean Produce
An extremist Muslim group is making a rather odd claim about an item found in the produce aisle.

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