Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 06-20

Homophobic Snitching
Big Brother government will now be watching you if you live in Quebec Canada to ensure you cooperate with the homosexual activist agenda. 

Mayors Uniting for Murder

The mayors of America’s largest cities are collectively declaring war on the pro-life cause saying they’ll do whatever it takes to suppress pro-life efforts in their cities.

Save the Liturgy save the World
In a video message marking the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council Pope Benedict who is the last active Bishop in the world who was present at the Council is calling for a liturgical renewal as he highlights problematic areas.

Obamacare on the Warpath
As the U.S. Supreme Court readies an opinion on Obamacare for the end of June the White House is preparing to ram the healthcare plan through promising insurance for everyone whether the government can pay for it or not.  

Clandestine Baby Killing
Abortion may be illegal in Brazil but that is not stopping the health ministry from making it available to women all across the country.  

Fortnight Under Fire
On the eve of a major religious liberty campaign in America it's been discovered that an effort is underway to subvert it.

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